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I received my order today, which is Monday here in Iraq. I thank you for your prompt attention to my concerns and rectifying the situation. I didn't expect a credit and an upgrade on my order. It was above and beyond my expectations, but I can't accept both. With the upgrade, I will accept, because it is here, but the added credit I can't accept. Please do not credit my account the $40, it isn't necessary.

I made a complaint, you gave great customer service, and that's all I expected. You told me it would be here within the week and sure enough it's here! I will order from you again and again. Thank you so much. 

Nickie, Armed Forces, Iraq

I've used OPI for 12 years. Miami Beach can be used thinner and has less odor. It is non-yellowing and the ridges of the nail are filled in. I will definitely tell my friends about Miami Beach. Thank you for having such a wonderful product. 

Martha-Longboat, FL

I've been using your product for 2 months now and I am very pleased with the results. I think it is far superior to the Creative products I've been using. There seems to be less cracking or lifting with your product, which results in fewer repairs. This in turn makes your product more cost effective. We will be calling you shortly to reorder liquid. Thank you very much. 

Marie-Province, NY

I got my Kit two days ago and I did my Nails last night. They are gorgeous and the application was a lot easier than I expected. Your Product is of very good quality. My finders are usually sore the next day. today I have no soreness and the tips feel very much like my own. Thanks again Mimi. I'll be reordering soon.

Brenda from Atlanta

I have always had my nails done at a professional salon and hated that it left grooves in my nails which just weakened them more. I just bought this product and LOVE it. I know have the beautiful salon nails without spending all the money and without damaging my nails!! Well worth the money!!! I have a few friends who are asked and are going to purchase the kit. Thank you very much!!

Elaine-New Philadelphia, OH

Just to let you know that my box arrived safely today to me here in Saudi Arabia. Tomorrow, I will “give it a go” and keep you informed of my progress. Many thanks for all your assistance with this rather “complicated “international order. I am delighted that it has all worked out OK. Once I know what I am doing, and have read the instructions, I will be sure to re-visit your website, and make a second order.

Best wishes, Greer

I was trained on Creative Nail products, but no matter what I did, the product lifted. I tried OPI and also Sally Beauty Supply acrylic products with the same results. I found your website and ordered small sizes to try out, thinking that it wouldn't work either. Now, I LOVE your acrylic nail products, and will never use anything else! I never have lifting problems anymore, theproduct is quick and easy to apply, easy to finish and shine, and your prices are lower than the "competition". I prefer natural looking, unpolished nails and your acrylics give me "magazine nail ad" results every time. Never yellows or breaks, easy fills and your primer is amazing! Also, your customer service is excellent and the products arrive on time and intact! I can't thank you enough for having such a wonderful product, I will be a faithful customer!

Elizabeth in Montana

I started using this acrylic product a few months ago. I Love It! I have used just about every brand name acrylic that is on the market, and I always had lifting. I have no lifting with this product. It is wonderful. I am not pulling my hair out anymore. I used to have lifting on most of my clients nails, and thought it was because of me, until I started using this product, then I realized it was just the product. As a nail tech it can be very frustrating no matter how long you have been doing nails. I almost gave up until I found this acrylic. Thank you!!

Sheri-Connellscille, PA

As a distributor dealing excessively with nail suppliers, we find nail technicians who use Miami Beach and love it! No Lifting, no yellowing, no cracking in extreme cold weather and no crystallization. These are facts! Their clients comment on how smooth (before filing) Miami Beach is so easy for me to sell.

Janet-Ludlow, MA

I've used solar nail for 5 years, with Miami Beach all customers are completely happy. We never see lifting or yellowing. It has a quicker application and a smoother finish.

Nailway Express-Cockeysville, MD

For nine years my salons have used Alpha 9, Dental acrylics and recently Solar's Radical. Radical crystallizes, is opaque and more expensive than Miami Beach. Miami Beach has the best consistency, non-yellowing, faster filing giving a smoother finish, minimal odor and beautifully translucent. We guarantee our nails against lifting 2-4 weeks. Our business has increased 40% and Miami Beach provides us with personalized attention lacking with large companies.

D'Armonds Beauty-Annapolis, MD

Hello! My name is Tiana and I just wanted to let you know (once again) how absolutely wonderful your product is! I have no problems with lifting or cracking whatsoever! My nails are flawless now that I am using Miami Beach Nail Products. It takes less time to file and I can make my nails as thin and natural as possible without worrying if they will crack or fall off in the next two weeks b4 my client makes it back to me. With these products I don't have to fix anything and can go right in for the fill/backfill and make my money faster and my work easier! Here's a picture of my beautiful nails, thank you once again for sharing these products with the world. Sincerely,

Tiana-Kansas City, MO.

Wow. I can not believe I have found a product that you can use so thin. Easy to work with self leveling colors are true. No odor, no lift, and if any product will lift, it will lift on me. I used the No-Form for short and bitten nails. Applying the white to the skin of the free edge and a small part of the nail bed. Then the pink in the whole bed, easily pushing the free edge skin away from the white acrylic to form a perfect nail. I am hooked, I say the Hell with OPI and the cost, your product is the best!!

Hope, Dixie's Salon-Jacksonville, NC

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